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Teaching Philosophy

Golf is a game that can be played at many different levels, from a recreational enjoyment standpoint to a competitive tournament level. As an instructor one must recognize what level the student is at and where they would like to be. Obviously, not every student wants to be a tournament professional, and a qualified instructor must teach accordingly. Sometime a tightening of a lug nut to keep the wheel on snug is all a student wants or needs. Slight modifications to a students golf swing is often more beneficial than a complete overall. The most important teaching point is to make sure the student understands what produces club head speed and what directs the club head square at impact. Those are absolute and never change to and from all golfers that play the game well.  Most beginning lessons are spent taking things out of a student's swing that contribute nothing at all to speed or club head integrity.  We attempt to work with what the student brings to the lesson tee as each has unique needs, providing the moves are productive.  We know the student must leave a coaching session with a better understanding of his swing so that he might improve on the course under the heat off battle . We specifically address the problem of having a driving range swing that seems to work every 3rd time,  and then the student experiencing a different golf course swing that shoots 120..... on a good day.  No one enjoys playing from the woods with the bugs and snakes and leaving the course frustrated without answers as to why it happened. 
Feel free to come in and speak with an instructor and learn his philosophy and methods.. it does not cost anything.  Everyone learns differently and that exercise will save you countless wasted hours and frustration... we welcome your visit.

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